uuidstring|integerPayout identifier
objectstringCurrently only "payout"
amountintegerTotal amount of payout
total_feesintegerTotal of fees within payout
currencystringISO 4217 of currency
datedate (YYYY-MM-DD)Payout date
statementstringStatement that is visible on bank statement
Status of the payout. The payout always first goes to status "sent" and may transition to "failed" when the payment gets sent back from the receiving bank.
destinationobjectDestination as object with keys:
- type: "bank_account"
- iban: string
- account_holder: string
transfersarrayArray of transfer objects consisting of:
- type
- amount
- date_time
- items: array of objects consisting of "type" and "amount"
- transaction (if related to transaction)

Types of transfers:
- transaction
- transaction-reversal
- dispute
- dispute-reversal
- payout
- payout-reversal
- adjustment
- manual-adjustment
- payout-fee

Types of transfer items:
consisting of all types of transfers and additional types:
- transaction-fee
- transaction-fee-reversal
- application-fee
- application-fee-reversal
- transaction-currency-conversion-fee
- transaction-currency-conversion-fee-reversal
- dispute-fee
- dispute-fee-reversal
- dispute-currency-conversion-fee
- dispute-currency-conversion-fee-reversal
merchantobjectMerchant as object with keys:
- name: Payrexx account name
- site_title: Payrexx site title
- owner: object

owner object consists of:
- company
- first_name
- last_name
- address
- zip
- place
- email